Peaceful Minutes
Lisa Lynn Turner LMT


       These Peaceful Minutes are Sweetened with DoTerra Essential Oils


Face, Ears, & Scalp w/ Marjoram


~Stress Relief~

Scalp, Neck, & Shoulders Coconut Oil Tx w/ Deep Blue


~Stone Hot~

Hot Stone Coconut Oil Full Back Tx w/ Breathe


~Detoxify & Hydrate~

Hot Towel Coconut Oil Seaweed Abdominal or Back Mask w/ Lemon


~Hard Working Hands~

Deep Work Stress Relief Coconut Oil Tx for Forearms & Hands w/ Citrus


~Mermaid Scrub~

Exfoliating Coconut Oil Seaweed Scrub for Dry Legs w/

Lemongrass, Wild Orange, & Spearmint and Hot Towels


~Tired Legs~

Intricate Lower Limb Coconut Oil Massage for Tired Legs w/ Peppermint


~Aching Feet~

Detailed Foot & Ankle Coconut Oil Massage w/ Balance and Hot Towels



*Refer a new client

*Visit within 6 weeks of your last session

*Birthday month session (current clients only)


What if…

it's your birthday month,

you refer a new client, and

you visit within 6 weeks of your last session?

Then you’ve earned 3 upgrades. Enjoy!